Course Description

DepartmentCourse Number
Physical Education 8
Military Education 16
Cooperative and General Education 704
五專共同學科課程 23
Department of Intelligent Automation Engineering 111
Department of Mechanical Engineering 366
Department of Electrical Engineering 507
Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology 331
Department of Materials and Mineral Resources Engineering 625
Department of Civil Engineering 296
Department of Molecular Science and Engineering 404
Department of Electronic Engineering 468
Department of Industrial Engineering and Management 610
Department of Industrial Design 633
Department of Architecture 332
Graduate Institute of Mechatronic Engineering 203
Graduate Institute of Computer and Communication Engineering 173
Graduate Institute of Civil and Disaster Prevention Engineering 219
Department of Vehicle Engineering 294
Department of Energy and Refrigerating Air-Conditioning Engineering 273
Graduate Institute of Commerce Automation and Management 257
Graduate Institute of Technological and Vocational Education 199
Graduate Institute of Organic and Polymeric Materials 120
Graduate Institute of Architecture and Urban Design 179
Department of Applied English 275
Graduate Institute of Manufacturing Technology 112
Department of Business Management 610
Graduate Institute of Innovation and Design 290
Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering 324
Graduate Institute of Environmental Engineering and Management 96
Graduate Institute of Automation Technology 93
Educational Affairs Program 85
Electro-Optical Program 9
Automation Program 17
Department of Electro-Optical Engineering 356
Graduate Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering 13
Graduate Institute of Engineering Technology 5
Graduate Institute of Biochemical and Biomedical Engineering 80
Graduate Institute of Chemical Engineering 101
Ph.D. program in Management,College of Management 20
Software Engineering Program 4
Graduate Institute of Materials Science and Engineering 125
Graduate Institute of Mineral Resources Engineering 142
Undergraduate Program of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 5
Undergraduate Program of Creative Design 83
Doctoral Program in Design, College of Design 37
Master Degree Program of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 12
Science and Technology Law Program 69
Graduate Institute of Interactive Media Design 111
Graduate Institute of Information Management 43
International Master of Business Administration Program(IMBA) 54
International Program of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science(IEECS) 18
International Graduate Program in Energy and Optoelectronic Materials(EOMP) 23
Innovative Enterprise Management Program 7
Graduate Institute of Intellectual Property 103
Department of Cultural Vocation Development 231
International Master's Program in Creative and Sustainable Architecture Studies 24
International Ph.D. and Master Program in Civil and Environmental Engineering 2
Specialist courses 142
Department of Information and Finance Management 351
Department of Interaction Design 213
International Master Program in Mechanical and Automation Engineering 2
International Master of Financial Technology and Innovative Entrepreneur Program(IMFI) 15
International Program for Interaction Design and Innovation 40
Micro courses 9
Smart Sensor and Applications Program 3
Graduate Institute of Aerospace and System Engineering 40
College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering 76
College of Engineering 34
College of Management 296
College of Design 9
College of Humanities and Sciences 1
College of Electric Engineering and Computer Science 60
College of Innovation Frontier Institute of Research for Science and Technology 30