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Year-SemesterCourse NumberCourse NamePhaseCreditsHoursRequired/Elective InstructorClassStudent NO.WithdrawNote
Spring Semester
Year 2024
332281 Innovation and Entrepreneurship 1 2.0 2 Chi-ching Wu Core Curriculum (X) 89 5 106-108:創新與創業核心。109(含)後:創新與創業

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Instructor Chi-ching Wu
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Last Updated2024-05-22 16:55:35
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Foreign-language textbooks:No
The access to curricular consultation可以寫郵件詢問
The course corresponds to the SDGs
請以學校開的Teams 的課號為主~
課程內容會以SDGs中,指標1,2,12,13,14 加入課程中~
20250 淨零排放和 ESG的結合,希望能引導學生期末專題都能以此創作。