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Spring Semester
Year 2024
332222 Introduction to Music 1 2.0 2 Jen-Yi Yu Core Curriculum (IV) 80 1 106-108:美學與藝術核心。109(含)後:人文與藝術

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Instructor Jen-Yi Yu
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Foreign-language textbooks:Yes
The access to curricular consultationWe'll have a LINE group in case of emergency:)
I'll also use the LINE group to give assignments, video clips, and references
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課程對應指標:3. 健康福址; 4. 教育品質

指標對應授課內容: 科學家經過十幾年的研究發現,古典音樂是治癒身體與精神創痛的良藥,可提升心智。
音樂療法(Music Therapy,MT)在過去四十年來在不同臨床領域的應用一直受到重視。多項研究顯示古典音樂與現代音樂對人身心健康的差異。

Due to the construction of the No. 3 building, on the 17th and the 18th week, all core courses will be meeting online