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Spring Semester
Year 2024
331604 Introduction to Random Vibration and Time-Frequency-Domain Analysis 1 3.0 3 Lo, Yuan-Lung GCDPE 16 0 土木205

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Foreign-language textbooks:Yes
The access to curricular consultationThe timetable from 1 to 2 PM every Monday and Tuesday is the consultation time. If necessary, the timetable from 1 to 3 PM every Wednesday can also be reserved. Please write a mail to in advance to make the appointment.
Due to Covid-19, this course will possibly be given in remote lecturing because of the requirement from the university. If so, the online meeting interface of Google Meet will be adopted and the real-time recording will be uploaded to the Taipei Tech i-Campus website. The class quizzes will be replaced with assignments. The mid-term and the final written examinations will be given in class conventionally. However, this is also adjustable depending on the Covid-19 situation. If necessary, a Line based online group will be setup for flexible discussion activities for students.