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Spring Semester
Year 2024
329720 Practical Application of Chinese Language 1 2.0 2 Yiching Chen Courses for International Students 28 0 ◎僑生A班,限僑生、港澳生修讀

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Instructor Yiching Chen
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Last Updated2024-02-19 00:13:45
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課程指標對應內容 : 「教育品質」目標,提倡終身學習,確保全體國民可以在各階段均享有全面、公平及高品質的教育資源。此外,亦著重於推動公共托育、科技與職業技能培訓、弱勢群體扶助、文化涵養提升等支持性措施。
Course correspond to index 7th: quality education
The index correspond to the content : Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.