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Course Information:
Year-SemesterCourse NumberCourse NamePhaseCreditsHoursRequired/Elective InstructorClassStudent NO.WithdrawNote
Spring Semester
Year 2024
329234 Surface Chemistry 1 3.0 3 CHEN JYH-HERNG GMRE
44 0 英文授課

Course Plan:

Instructor CHEN JYH-HERNG Office Hours
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Last Updated2024-05-22 16:16:25
Course Objective
Course Schedule
Evaluation and grading policy
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Foreign-language textbooks:Yes
The access to curricular consultation材資館415-3,2719
office: building material and resources engineering (415-3), extension 2719
After the course starts, the official "Line" account will be announced, and students can ask questions by Line.
The course corresponds to the SDGs
(1) Final exam time: It will be held in the 16th week (June 3 to June 7).
(2) Online teaching will be implemented in the 17th and 18th weeks
Online teaching handouts have been placed on i-school, and teams web site (will be announced) are used for teaching.