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Year-SemesterCourse NumberCourse NamePhaseCreditsHoursRequired/Elective InstructorClassStudent NO.WithdrawNote
Spring Semester
Year 2024
326994 Physical Education 1 1.0 2 CHIH-CHENG LU 4IDI3 3 0 Office of Physical Education/ PE courses

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Instructor CHIH-CHENG LU Office Hours
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Foreign-language textbooks:No
The access to curricular consultationOffice Location :
1. Research Office: Research Room 101, Third Teaching Building (ex 3303)
2. Health Care Group: Teaching Building 2 (ex 1261)
1.If the physical class is suspended due to Covid , LINE will be used to provide relevant course content and video links for students to learn
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2. If there is any course problems, the following is the teacher's contact information.。
Research Room: 1st Floor, Third Teaching Building (Ex 3303)
3.Office hour:112-1 (Tue)8AM-12PM (Thurs) 10AM-12PM