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Course Information:
Year-SemesterCourse NumberCourse NamePhaseCreditsHoursRequired/Elective InstructorClassStudent NO.WithdrawNote
Spring Semester
Year 2023
316203 Advanced Robotics and Automation Applications 1 3.0 3 Chang,Wen-Chung GEE
27 0 電機所、自動化所、電資、機械外生班和AI學程合開

Course Plan:

Instructor Chang,Wen-Chung Office Hours
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Last Updated2022-12-23 12:35:03
Course Objective
Course Schedule
Evaluation and grading policy
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Foreign-language textbooks:Yes
The access to curricular consultationProf. Wen-Chung Chang
(02)27712171 Ext. 2125,
Office hours: Check official EE website

TAs: Yi-Da Chen、Che Huang,
(02)27712171 Ext. 2130
※ Class offering:
Course lecture and presentations will be offered online via Microsoft Teams at class hours and recorded lectures are available in iStudy.

※ Evaluation:
Following the same criterion but in a more flexible way. Grading will be based on the same criterion but evaluated based on the adopted formats for each part of the course.

※ Remote classes :
Microsoft Teams
TA will provide related information in iStudy’s [Annoucements] and in class group such as Line afterwards.

※ Supplement:
Class group such as Line will be established in the first class.