Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
C104005 Introduction to Theory and Applications in Wind Engineering 3.0 3
Description Wind Engineering is a cross-disciplinary subject that belongs to the institute course and is suitable for students who have a good background in engineering mechanics and fluid mechanics. However, in order to promote the knowledge of Wind Engineering to engineers and civil engineering students, this course is designed as the precursor courses selected by seniors and graduate students. This course covers the basic knowledge of atmospheric boundary layer, bluff body aerodynamics and air-elasticity, and then expounds the wind-resistant design of buildings and the concept of wind-resistant design of bridges. It is used as an explanation and practice with the wind-resistant design codes commonly used internationally. Students have a certain understanding of wind engineering. Other wind-related topics such as air pollution diffusion, ventilation energy conservation and heat reduction, computational fluid dynamics applications, etc., also provide a brief introduction and development status in