Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
AS05003 Marketing Management 3.0 3
Description The purpose of this course is try to help students prepare to operate in and contribute to the 21st century. Regardless of whether a person intends to work in a business, for the government, or in a nonprofit organization, the concepts, strategies, and techniques of effective marketing are relevant. This course is: Providing from fundamental concepts through the major tasks associated with marketing to the strategic role of marketing in an organization. Bringing early attention to the global nature of marketing. Emphasizing the similarities as well as the differences between consumer and business marketing. Combining demand forecasting with its logical antecedents-segmentation, targeting, and position. Covering marketing research, after students have been exposed to consumer and business markets and segmentation. Integrating planning, implementation, and evaluation to provide a broad strategic context after students have a grasp of what marketing entails.