Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
AC06219 Social Design in Public Space 3.0 3
Description The IDEO President Tim. Brown (Tim Brown) believes that the theme of implementing social design and social innovation is the practice of insight, observation, and empathy throughout designing for "people". The course "Social Design in Public Spaces" addresses central challenges for the design of public spaces in Europe and Southeast Asia. In an intercultural comparison, design solutions and interventions are to be developed for conflicting objectives, such as: competition for space, new concepts for spaces for the general public, ecological issues such as heat stress and noise, freedom and security, linking virtual and physical spaces. To this end, student teams will jointly in the transdisciplinary perspective, to explore public spaces in their respective urban contexts, share experiences, derive problem areas and challenges, and develop prototypical solutions in the field of tension between global developments and local impacts.