Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
AC06218 Interactivity in Smart City 3.0 3
Description The main theme of the course is theories, methods, technologies and case studies for the development of future smart interactive cities where humans and proactive, reactive, autonomous and social platform communicate and cooperate to reach goals. The student will acquire knowledge about main research themes and experimental practices in the field of smart interactive cities as well as develop her/his skills in constructing and smart interactive cities. Different paradigms will be introduced and discussed, primarily from an interaction and design perspective such as ubiquitous computing, ambient intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, intelligent and adaptive user interfaces, tangible interfaces, persuasive technology, decision-support systems, Internet of Things, smart homes, social norms, and spatial awareness. Different societal challenges will also be addressed through cross-disciplinary collaboration in student projects. The course is divided into a theoretical part and a prac