Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
AC05005 Special Topics on Interactive Media Design (II) 2.0 3
Description This special topic is a continuous course within two semesters. This course is to explore the fields of interaction design, interactive media and interactive art and focus on the literature study, paper discussion and case studies. With panel discussion, research report and design practice, graduate students can be able to learn the ability of research, analysis and practice by effectively exchange opinions and personal experience. The aim of graduate of interactive media design is to integrate different disciplines from computer science, mechatronics, human-culture and design and art so as to foster the professional of interactive media design. Therefore, one of the aims of this course is to construct a multi-disciplines learning environment which performs a topic-oriented study model. This study model formulates the graduate students of design, art, information and mechatronic disciplines to collaborate a interactive media design project. It may execute interactive media design by wo