Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
AC04001 Chair Lecture for Design Topics 2.0 2
Description When art meets innovation, everything starts from sharing! No matter art is black or white, flat or three-dimensional, abstract or concrete, motionless or active, it has always been protean. When art is used to express feelings, advocate religions, propagandizing politics, or transmitting thoughts, it never needs any reason. Don't say that you don't know what art is! In the 21st century, art is no longer the privilege of wealthy ladies. But you all, the future designers and architects, should work harder to make yourself inseparable with art. When you are sharing your own experience about esthetics, exploring different art sects, analyzing art styles, engaging in cultural creative design, or criticizing the contemporary art sects, you have the right to speak up. The ten speeches in this series will be delivered by many experts from different fields. It would be our honor to have them in the campus and share their fruition of art with all of the staff and students.