Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
AB03023 Enterprise data communication 3.0 3
Description In this era of Internet economy, businesses and enterprises may leverage data communications (DC) and networked information systems to enhance competitive advantages, streamline managerial decision making, and customer services. DC may be adopted in a variety of devices on both wire and wireless modes. Consequently, the objectives of this course aim to study the issues of fundamentals, infrastructure, technologies, management and business applications on data communications and networks. The major topics of this course contains 1) Fundamentals of DC, 2) Technologies of data transmission, 3) Network applications, 4) Wired and wireless local area networks, 5) Wired and wireless wide area networks, 6) The Internet and TCP/IP, 7) Network security, 8) Design networks, 9) Network administration; 10) Distributed data processing, 11) Client/Server, Intranet, and cloud computing, 12) Fourth generation (4G) Mobile networks and onwards.