Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
AA04004 Development of global perspective: Thai culture and language I 2.0 2
Description 1. With the interaction between Taiwan and Southeast Asia getting more and more frequent, the need for learning Southeast Asian languages has been highly increasing. Thailand owns the advantages of social economy; moreover, Thailand government intends to promote cultural creativity industries. Hence, learning Thai definitely becomes a new trend in Taiwan. 2. This course aims to help students build the foundation of speaking basic Thai, and arouse studentsˇ¦ interests in learning Thai. Also, it helps students get to know cross-cultural differences. In addition to learning Thai, students have to discuss the issues related to Thai culture. Accordingly, students are not only able to make conversations, but have further understanding of Thai culture, thinking, manners, customs and religious taboos etc. 3. In terms of learning Thai, listening, speaking, reading and writing, these four skills are equally important. Student will be trained to learn all these four skills together. At first, s