Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
A504252 Paperˇ¦s Fiber Culture and Its Application 2.0 2
Description With the help of curricular components of paper qualities, fiber experiments as well as R&D on raw materials, the course essentials can thus be unified and the theme vitalized. WE aim to provide the course with aesthetical principles, knowledge of the raw materials, applied paper craftsmanship and fiber civilizationˇXwhich will be comprehensively instilled into the course so that the students who take the course will be equipped with a good command on them. The course is made up of both aesthetical theory and practice, including a) knowledge on culture, arts and natural science and b) innovative & creative practice, with the later utilized as criteria to evaluate to what extent the students are successfully trained. The assigned homework is set so as to: 1. Enforce cooperation between industry and academics and strengthen course materials into practice; 2. Train and discipline more design talents in paper qualities and innovation in fiber.