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A503221 N 2.0 2
Description Regulation and Practice of Etiquette Rite Professor Chang-Rue Yuan E-mail: In any society, regulation of etiquette rites encompasses most aspects of social interaction. Traditionally, etiquette rites are highly regarded in the Chinese society. Therefore, we are living in a country of etiquette. Etiquette, like the glue, can enhance social solidarity and hold every member of the society together. In this class, the contents of etiquette rites will be divided into four parts: 1. Daily life 1) Table etiquette 2) Dress etiquette 3) Housing etiquette 4) Walking etiquette 5) Introduction etiquette 2. Rites of Passage 1) Birth rites 2) Naming rites 3) Initiation rites 4) Marriage rites 5) Funeral rites 3. Rituals and Festival 1) Rituals 2) Spring festival 3) Summer festival 4) Autumn festival 5) Winter festival 4. Practice This class will select one or two etiquette rites for students' practice. Through active participation in this prac