Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
A503027 Performance/ Display Art and Expression 2.0 2
Description "Performance/Display Art and Expression " is a course in line with the modern spirit and consumer culture, presenting a new trend which improves the past demonstration of consumption and cultural performances. With the changing times, public-oriented concept inviting consumer interaction replaces the past means in showing predominantly the goods and the main performers only. The scope of the performances shifts from sheer performing activities to expanded consumer goods space and audience interaction; the past static display/exhibition now adds performance space and activities so as to better introduce the charm of the goods. The course, therefore, will cover the integration of arts and design, dynamic and static performance/display, the integration of environmental space and human behavior, the interaction between visitor behavior and learner behavior, as well as the exchanges in consumer entertainment and culture education. It is not only the illustration of multiple aspects of