Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
A502239 Advanced 3D Modeling and Culture-Innovation Industry 4.0 Intelligent Manufacturing 2.0 2
Description The design of this course, the development of cultural vocation as the goal, trains student(trainee) hands-on capacity as the core, and then construct: Product 3D modeling and culture-innovation industry 4.0 intelligent manufacturing capacity, train students to have great work capacity in the future. This course continues the 3D machining technology and subtractive machining of CNC 3-axis machining technology. Use the general software to showcase these topics: thinking of culture-innovation product, design and production. Design by a single object, to derive as a series of assembly products. And, then through the team between the students to complete the manufacturing of products. BPM (Business Process Management), APP (micro Application Software) and supply chain operations management, will be another focus of this course. The teaching mode of the course: using the TaipeiTech classic Practice Engineer Training Model, emphasizing the R&D and hands-on OJT (On Job Training) method. T