Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
A502237 Course Description Seminars on the Aesthetics of Life 2.0 2
Description Life Aesthetics is the kernel of cultural life; it has become integral in the process toward cultural industrialization and industrial culturalization. Life aesthetics is not only inscribed in our cultural experiences, but also affiliated with the "creative life," This course will examine the important elements constituting cultural lives across different dynasties in Chinese history and investigate their patterns of presentations. By integrating old with new, tradition with modernity, cultural heritage with contemporary practices, students are empowered in their imagination and creativity in cultural designs, This course comprises three stages. the focus is primarily on the ideas of heaven and mankind and their correlativity, including concepts of solar terms and rhythm of life, permanence and non-permanence, patriarchal clan system and people's beliefs and ethics. The course ends with presentations of students' application projects.