Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
A501220 3D modeling and 4.0 intelligent manufacturing 2.0 2
Description The course is designed to target the development of cultural vocation, training student hands-on ability as the core, and then construct: In Industry 4.0 intelligent manufacturing areas: to build 3D modeling capabilities in the future. 3D machining technology combined with 3D Addition Stack Processing Machining and 3D Subtraction Processing Machining technology. Also, this course works with general software on the international market. It is a systematic unit to explain and connect geometric objects and import common 3D modeling design in the industry. Follow teamwork spirit to build a complete portfolio of products. The teaching mode of the course: using the TaipeiTech classic Practice-Engineer training model, emphasizing the hands-on OJT (On Job Training) method. There will be a large number of hands-on exercises in the classroom, and a number of homework and exercises after class. After this systematic training course, students (trainee) will have basic 3D modeling manufacturin