Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
A501216 Logical Thinking 2.0 2
Description The purpose of learning ˇ§Logical Thinkingˇ¨ is to help us acquiring a kind of ability in virtue of which we will be able to think logically and rationally. To achieve that goal, we need to know the innate logical structure of our language. That means, we will need first to grasp the essence of concepts including their reference, meaning, and ideas. Then, we shall study the essence of sentences including their truth-value and the relations with words and concepts. After that, we shall learn how to establish a sound argument. For that purpose, we plan to study induction, syllogism, basic rules of inference in the method of natural deduction in quantificational logic, and translation between natural and formal language. In a word, we will be able to speculate problems in our life rationally and communicate with others effectively. The lecturing of the course will mix with psychological texts, games and practices in the classroom, and scientific films or regular movies.