Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
A405137 Monographic Study on Labor Laws 3.0 3
Description Intellectual Property laws and labor laws are considered of valuable assistance to enterprise operation and management in this era of knowledge economy. Any fruits of Intellectual Property, as well as management and utilization thereof, all concern the issues of personal management. Management on knowledge-economy talents and their working interests are the essential issues to be dealt with by those who are going to be engaged in the Intellectual Property fields. Therefore, this course is intended to work in coordination with future occupational orientation of the graduate students of the Institute of Intellectual Property, and through reading articles, their interest in learning the labor laws, as well as their basic knowledge in this respect, may be promoted. Together with case study on the subjects closely relating to Intellectual Property, such as ownership of Intellectual Property rights in the relationship of employers and employees; duty of confidentiality; obligations on no