Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
A405121 Patent disputes in the high-tech industry 1.0 1
Description Patent litigation, either initiation or defense, has become one of the high-tech industrial strategies, and more and more patent suit cases have forced the manufacturers to undertake patent design around. In fact, the industrial fields in Taiwan, theoretically, do not feel strange on design around and patent strategies. However, in practice, they perform much less. That is the reason why Taiwan still has to pay more than five billion US dollars each year for royalty. This course will start from patent filing strategy, getting patent claims well known, then following with introduction on orientation of patent strategies, and providing theory and practice on patent strategies. The outline of this course is given as follows: Patent claim interpretation; Process of patent infringement analysis; Requirements of patent design around; Patent strategy analysis; Practice on patent strategies; and Study on patent cases.