Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
9805140 Management and International Finance Practice (2) 3.0 3
Description This course is a cross-cultural, cross-disciplinary and cross-border practice-oriented course that prepares students for future careers through practical implementation. (Advanced) The course structure covers two main axes: (1) Through the creative activities, grouping, award competition, etc., the students are actually managed and executed, from the training of leadership to the basic executive training required in real enterprises, combining theory and practice to achieve the so-called Learning by Doing; (2) Stocks, foreign exchange, futures, and bonds are the world's four major financial markets. This class will take the largest financial market (foreign exchange) as an example, and provide real investment tools & software on the market, step by step for students to understand what is meant. Real investment operations and places to pay attention to; provide specific basic and technical tools and methods of use, train students to analyze and judge market trends, and gradually lead