Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
8527022 Service Design 3.0 3
Description Economic conditions have changed from a manufacturing society to an information- and service-based economy. Within Service Design, Service Interfaces are designed for intangible products that are, from the customer's point of view, useful, profitable and desirable. This course explores the process and framework of service design. The process of service design applies explorative, generative, and evaluative design approaches. Designers observe and interpret requirements and behavioral patterns and then visualize, formulate, and choreograph solutions to problems. Tools that help to accomplish a successful service design are introduced. The analysis of existing services examines whether touch points are correctly positioned. Scenario Planning starts with the development of the client journey as a schema by which service design can capture and illustrate the complete process of a service with its emotional, material and procedural components from a client's perspective. Storyboards illus