Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
8527018 Philosophical Foundation of Design Research 3.0 3
Description This is designated as a Doctoral course. Master students may join the course based on approval of the instructor. This course explores the philosophical basis for conducting research and building knowledge in the field of design. Topics to be explored may include core concepts from epistemology, phenomenology, pragmatism, symbolic interactionism and structuralism. Comparisons are made between design research and research in other fields. Each participant in the course will choose key readings: some from works in philosophy, epistemology or theory, and others related to discussions of philosophy in design. The readings may be a book in its entirety or selected chapters from a book that may present a philosophical argument or an extended discussion (of the nature of knowledge, time, actions, experience, cognition, context, technology, language, interactions, artifacts or objects), or one (or more) selected chapter(s) from a compendium or other edited collection of classic and contemporar