Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
8517019 Eco-architecture design 3.0 3
Description In this generation global climate change, dramatically change the lifestyle of people in the world, the development of "green "Concept has become a trend. How to develop the right concept and idea, a practice green environment. The primary topics. "Resource recovery mechanism downgrade" and "waste reduction" has become in the past saying, Outdated, should be sustainable point of view, follow the example of sustainable natural resource recycling, construction of ring. Environmental Ecology and the symbiotic relationship between the buildings. Albert Einstein said: "To tide over the crisis caused by the crisis cannot rely on thinking! "Nature's metabolism and does not harm the environment, but no one interlocking Silk waste. The design of nature there is no problem, there is the problem of human design; we should the beginning of the design, learning and natural, like how the endless, like cherry trees, as the complete life cycle, from "cradle to cradle."