Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
7925151 Special Topics on Regional Geology of Taiwan 3.0 3
Description Taiwan island is located on the weastern Pacific Ocean. The plate tectonic setting of Taiwan is the convergence and collision between the western Eurasian plate and the easterly impinging Philippine Sea plate on the Pli-Pleistocene. The Longitudinal Valley between Hualien and Taitung in eastern Taiwan has been recognized as the suture zone between these two plates. In northeastern Taiwan, convergence is marked by northward subduction of the Philippine Sea plate beneath the Ryukyu Arc System on the Eurasian plate along the Ryukyu Trench. The subduction polarity changes at 24¢XN near Hualien in eastern Taiwan. There plate convergence is marked by eastward subduction of the Eurasian plate underneath the Luzon Arc System on the Philippine Sea plate along the Eastern Longitudinal Valley. This distinctive tectonic setting bas brought up various special geologic phenomena on Taiwan The course is aimed at graduate students in the geological engineering, who wish to gain an insight into the s