Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
7925146 Chemical reaction kinetics 3.0 3
Description Material and resources processing technologies focus on the physical and chemical process of inorganic and organic materials. For effective applications of these processing technologies, understanding the principles of chemical kinetics is essential. The major objective of this course is to learn how to design a process for carrying out desirable chemical reaction. To design this process requires rates of both physical and chemical processes. The principles governing such physical processes as energy transfer and mass transfer are often as important as those which govern chemical kinetics. To combine the rates of chemical and physical process, the essential feature is to understand the intrinsic rate of chemical reaction and the transport phenomena of the process. In addition, the basic principles of reactor design will also be introduced based on abovementioned fundamental principles. Therefore, the contents of this course include: 1. chemical kinetics 2. fundamentals of mass conser