Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
7925138 Topics of Geologic Hazards 3.0 3
Description In the past ten years, There have always been natural earth processes that are hazardous to people of Taiwan. Natural disasters such as typhoon, earthquakes, river flooding hazards, landslides, debris flow hazards and subsidences caused loss of life or property damage. These disasters made people realize that the natural processes that produce natural disasters must be recognized. They must be avoided where possible, and their threat to human life and property must be minimized. In fact, natural hazards are nothing more than natural processes. They become hazards only when people live or work in areas where these processes occur naturally. The purpose of this course is hoped to serve some methods to identify and analysis potentially hazardous processes. It is also provided some concepts and training to formulate various alternatives to avoid or minimize the threat to human life or property.