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7305072 Industrial Policy of Green Energy and Economic Analysis 3.0 3
Description Many scientists conclude that the increased greenhouse effect is already accelerating global warming and leading to the climate change. Worldwide government are taking measures to tackle this issue and outlining strategies to bring the greenhouse effect under control. Greenhouse gas emissions in Taiwan are mainly from burning fossil fuels such as crude oil, coal and LPG and the energy imports have reached 99.22%. Therefore, the sustainable development in any country is to increase the proportion of self-generation of energy, reduce the emission of GHGs, and balance among Economic Growth, Environment Protection and Energy Supply. Green energy (Renewable energy) covers the fields of solar and wind energy, biofuels which includes biodiesel and bioethanol, hydrogen energy and fuel cell, geothermal and ocean energy as well as clean coal combustion technologies (IGCC). Balancing development of '3E' can be achieved by developing green energy industries and which is also the goal every count