Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
7305069 Introduction of Biosensors 1.0 1
Description Section 1: Overview of Biosensors: Current and future approaches to Environmental Monitoring & Point-of-Care Diagnostics. ĄDIntroduction to biosensors, ĄDClassification of biosensors, ĄDReal-time and label-free sensing, ĄDPortable biosensors, ĄDApplications in food and waterborne pathogen detection, ĄDApplications in healthcare monitoring and diagnostics, ĄDApplications in Current biosensor markets Section 2: DNA sensors: Fundamental factors and challenges Fundamentals of Bioengineering ĄDBrief reviews in Instrumentation Engineering ĄDIntroduction in Electrical and Electronic Science & Systems ĄDWhy DNA sensors, ĄDRequirements for DNA sensing, ĄDPrinciple of DNA Sensors, ĄDTypes, ĄDApplications and challenges