Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
7305049 Semiconductor Process Integration 3.0 3
Description In this class, the specified semiconductor process is considered as specified unit. By use of the concepts which belong to the chemical engineering unit operations to interpret the analysis / introduction in semiconductor industry and future developing trending. (Also including the theories of VLSI devices) The students who have studied professional chemical engineering courses for many years, can acquire completed and integrated viewpoints in semiconductor process. (Including processes; apparatuses and theories of devices) 1. Industry overview 2. IC Fundamentals 3. IC Design 4. IC Fabrication 5. Interconnect RC Delay vs Scaling 6. Metallization technology 7. Planarization technology 8. PVD and CVD Technology 9. Liner/Barrier/Seed (0.5-0.18um) 10. Metal Fill/ Metal Interconnect (0.5-0.18um) 11. Cu Integration (0.13um and beyond) 12. Gate/Bit Line/Capacitor 13. IC Equipments