Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
6505118 Nanostructured Optical Thin Films 3.0 3
Description The topics of this course will focus on optical properties of nanostructured thin films. The discussed nanostructures are made of common used dielectric and metal coating materials. Many novel applications including perfect antireflection, polarization converter, beam splitters, and perfect waveplate will be introduced here. Furthermore, deposited metamaterial thin films are developed based on local plasmon effect within the metal-dielectric composite films. This course involves design, fabrication and measurement. The students should have learned and passed the course. (1) Introduction (2) Oblique angle deposition (3) Optical anisotropic thin films (4) Effective Medium Approximation (5) Plasmonics (6) Long range surface plasmon (7) Metamaterials (8) Perfect antireflection and waveplate(9) Sensing technique (10) Bioinspired and biomimetic thin films (11) Polarization measurements (12) Ellipsometry