Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
6505041 Semiconductor Materials and Devices Characterizations 3.0 3
Description 1.Structural AnalysisSEM, TEM, SIMS, AES, X-ray diffractrometry, STM2.Optical ConstantsOptical Microscopy, Ellipsometry, FTIR, CWPR, PL3.Time-Resolved Optical MeasurementsTRPR, TRPL, Pump-Probe, EOS, PCS4. ElectricalI-V, C-V, resistance/resistivity, Hall measurements, defects5. Carrier Lifetimes and Mobility6. Characterization of Photonic DevicesPhotodetectors (PD), Optical Modulators (EAM), Laser Diodes (LD)