Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
6505005 Experiments for Opto-electronic Engineering(II) 1.0 3
Description 1.Experiment on multi-mode optical fiber 2.Experiment on single-mode optical fiber 3.Position measurement 4.Doppler velocity measurement 5.Holography 6.Holography interferometry 7.Moire method 8.Moire interferometry 9.Computer assisted programming for laser cutting 10.Experiment of laser cutting 11.NC programming for the three dimensional fabricator of rapid prototype 12.Laser assisted rapid prototyping 13.Basic Electro-optical peripheral 13-1.Optical Input devicesˇGdigital cameraˇBscannerˇBImage capturer 13-2.Optical output devicesˇGLCD displayˇBLED displayˇB3D-TV display 14.Optial information storage 14-1.Usage and control of MO 14-2. Usage and control of CD/RW 15.Dasic optical information processing 15-1.Optical compating and pattern recognition 15-2.MRI medical image processing