Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
6502006 Geometric-Optics 3.0 3
Description Light is the principal means by which we gain knowledge of the world. From putting continually the improved camera, video cassette recorder, copying machine, etc., to market can just account for how important a designing tool the Geometric-Optics is.To build a solid basic theory and a rule for calculating through understanding thoroughly the nature of light is the central goal of Optics. Using the basic theory of optics and processes of approximate estimate, the Geometric-Optics put its point on image formation and its applications.Here in our department, the Geometric-Optics is a 3-credit, 3-hour per week, one-semester course. There are three consecutives parts in the one-semester lecture:The 1st part : (a)the nature of light, (b)the related theorems about reflection and refraction, (c) image formation.The 2nd part : the formation and correctness of aberrations.The 3rd part : the designing of lenses.