Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
6105057 Machine Vision and Image Processing Algorithm 3.0 3
Description This subject provides an introduction to the process of generating a symbolic description of an environment from an image and the fundamentals of machine vision and image processing techniques. Lectures include the following topics: กฐ The physics of image formation, กฐ Vision System Design, กฐ Motion vision, กฐ Recovering shapes from shading, กฐ Shape from Shading, กฐ Binary image processing, กฐ Photogrammetry, กฐ Stereo Vision, กฐ Object representation alignment, กฐ Camera Calibration, กฐ Computational vision, กฐ Optical Illumination, กฐ Applications to robotics and intelligent machine interaction Textbook: Horn, Berthold K. P., Robot Vision. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press/McGraw-Hill, March 1986. ISBN: 0262081598.