Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
6105049 Micro-and Nano-measurement Systems and Techniques 3.0 3
Description This subject is arranged to introduce the advanced systems and technology associated with micro- and nano-scale measurement. The subject includes the following subtopics: 1.Modern opto-electro measurement systems and techniques 2.Statistic principles for measurement 3.Signal processing techniques 4.Three-dimensional measurement systems and techniques 5.Laser interferometric metrology and systems 6.Image processing techniques for metrology 7.Micro and nano-measurement systems and techniques (I) - Moire interferometry, phase shifting, signal modulation, confocal and auto-focusing techniques. 8.Micro- and nano-measurement systems and techniques (II) - SPM, STM, AFM and SNOM. 9.Nano-particle measurement systems and techniques 10.Student laboratory/practices 11.Team project work for design and fabrication of small-scaled measurement instrument