Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
5905145 Personal Software Process 3.0 3
Description 英文概述 English Description The objective of this course is to introduce the concepts and technologies of personal software process and help students build the skills required for doing better development work. In particular, students will learn comprehensive planning, tracking, measuring, and analysis methods and learn how to use these techniques to improve their personal performance in developing software projects. The course will cover the following topics: 1.The Personal Software Process Strategy 2.The Baseline Personal Process 3.Planning I - The Planning Process 4.Planning II - Measuring Software Size 5.Planning III - Estimating Software Size 6.Planning IV - Resources and Schedules Estimating 7.Measurements in the Personal Software Process 8.Design and Code Reviews 9.Scaling Up the Personal Software Process 10.Using the Personal Software Process