Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
5905107 Artificial Intelligence 3.0 3
Description This is to introduce the essential concepts and techniques in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). Basic concepts will be covered in the first half of the course to establish the solid foundation. The topics include goal deduction, alternatives exploration, problem-solving paradigms, and logic and theorem proving. The second half of the course concentrates on making computer to know commonsense things, including language understanding and learning. Various small program projects will be assigned and implemented by individual to exercise and evaluate each learned technique. Discussion on adapting AI techniques in different domains will be conducted to explore approaches to make intelligent computer possible. Outline: Introduction - What is intelligence / How intelligent can computers be; Description Matching and Goal Reduction; Exploring Alternatives -- Finding Paths, Finding the Best Path, Dealing with Adversaries; Problem-Solving Paradigms -- Generate and Test, Rule-base