Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
5905106 Database Systems 3.0 3
Description This course is designed to introduce concepts and skills essential in the database systems. Relational database will be the main focus with related topics including, relational model, design theory, and query optimization. Students need to work on a group project aiming a real application on INTERNET. Outline : Introduction -- Database System Concept; Data Organization -- Hashed Files, Indexed Files, Data Structure for Range Queries; The Relational Model-- Relational Algebra, Relational Calculus; Query Language and Optimization; Design Theory for Relational Database -- Functional Dependencies, Normal Forms; Database Project on Internet -- Project Design/Proposal, Database Construction, CGI Programming, DBI/ODBC/JDBC Database Connection; Advanced Topics --Object-Oriendted DB (OODB), Multimedia DB, Concurrent Operations on DB, Distributed DB.