Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
5904381 Data Science Principles with Applications on Educational Data 3.0 3
Description Data science is an emerging interdisciplinary field that explores how to produce the valuable knowledge from large, multi-typed, or unstructured data and provides effective feedbacks to many applications, including education. The topics include data processing, data storage, statistics and probability, linear algebra, and data analysis. The course introduces the rapidly growing field, discusses the state-of-art techniques, and provides students with fundamental related knowledge and the ability to use software tools. The major phases on data manipulation-collection, preparation, analytics, and presentation, in data science will be discussed. The course training is toward equipping students with the mindset and the ability to solve problems with the learned techniques on educational data. In addition, students need to practice the presentation for the findings of the studied problem in order to equip with the ability to convey the thoughts well and demonstrate things visually.