Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
5904323 VLSI Design 3.0 3
Description In this course, the VLSI design and fabrication process will be introduced. The students will learn about the characteristics of transistors, digit circuit design methodologies, and system architectures for VLSI. EDA tools will be used in this course to assist in designing the circuit and performing simulations. The outline is listed as follows. 1. Introduction to VLSI design 2. VLSI design flow 3. Introduction to VLSI fabrication processes 4. EDA Tools for VLSI design 5. CMOS design methods 6. CMOS combinational and sequential logic circuit design 7. Transistor characteristics and layout design for VLSI circuits 8. High-level VLSI architecture design methodology 10. System partitioning 11. Timing sequence issues 12. Clock design problem 13. VLSI testing 14. Term project