Course Description

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5903326 Open-Source System Software and Practice 3.0 3
Description Open-source software is extremely important to the development of the information world, especially system software and middleware. GNU/Linux developed rapidly in the 1990s and entered the Internet era in the late 1990s. The open-source web server Apache HTTP Server, which is used by the most servers in the world, came into being, and then the legendary open-source Apache Project was born. So far, various open-source communities have continued to improve and optimize existing software, and continue to develop new projects with great influence, including OpenStack, Hadoop and Spark, which are widely used to build cloud services and massive data computing. The most widely used Android work environment on smartphones and tablets. Open-source system software and intermediary software have become an important foundation in the era of Internet of Things and massive data analysis. High efficiency, immediacy, and good communication and cooperation between machines are the keys to application d