Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
5902316 Big Data Programming 3.0 3
Description In this course we will teach students how to have the ability for processing big data. It includes how to automatically create the necessary file environment for storing and referencing the huge amount of information or big data, which accessed through a programmatic approach (by Python) to facilitate subsequent search, addition, and deletion to better fit the application of such data in the educational scenarios and their own fields. Furthermore, there are many Python data processing and web scraping modules developed for public use. Thus, we try to demonstrate how to use these modules to retrieve various types of data from the Internet and the cloud in a separate way. To help students understand the usages of the common used modules, this course will provide related exercises and questions for students to familiarize themselves with these modules. Hopefully, the students can learn, and then apply these contents to their own fields and future educational big data projects.