Course Description

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5846202 A Value-Chain Analysis for Creative Industry 3.0 3
Description The competition for today's business world is no longer merely product vs product or service vs service. Today's competitions among enterprises have become value-chain vs value-chain. A value-chain for a creative industry (e.g. design industry) consists of creativity, design, product development, R&D for new technologies, manufacture & production, inventory & logistics, marketing & distribution, customer services, and supporting services, etc. The ultimate goal for operating a value-chain is to create values to satisfy the requirements of all stakeholders including customers, employees, stockholders/owners, partners, and community, etc. This lecture is to use real cases from creativity industry to demonstrate the analysis of a value-chain to understand the fundamentals of value-chain operations. This lecture is hopefully to provide students a better understanding of the relationship between academic knowledge and real world operations. Through this understanding, students will learn