Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
5846201 Innovation and Knowledge Management 3.0 3
Description In the knowledge-based economy (KE) era, due to the vast applications of the fast developed information technology and wide spreaded internet, there have developed many new technologies and new business models, and hence many business opportunities continue to emerge. The value created by these technologies and new models, in general, is closely related to the innovation of the technology. A successful innovation, in most cases, will collect, generate, analyze, and utilize a large amount of information and knowledge. In order to efficiently obtain effective results, a good tool and methodology must be applied. This is why knowledge management (KM) comes about. In this course, the framework of KE will also be illustrated by using three procedures and each has closely related to one kind of knowledge, namely, domain knowledge, strategy knowledge, and execution knowledge. Any business would be able to convert knowledge to business value and valuable asset when fluently using these proced